About the Let's Talk Speech Coaching App

Equipping your child with the right tools to grow

At Let's Talk Speech, we are passionate about making language development education accessible to everyone in one, convenient space.
Our Story

A good start can change so much. We'll help you make that happen.

The founder of the Let's Talk Speech Coaching App, Jill Dews, has been a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist for over 20 years. As the owner of her own private practice, she has helped hundreds of children thrive over the years. Still, she knows that no matter how much support your child is receiving outside of the house, they're still spending the most time with you, at home. All of this time spend is so valuable for building your relationship with your child - and it can be used to build their language, too.

We already know you want to do everything possible to help your child's language develop to its fullest potential. We also know that there is so much information available, and that it can be difficult to take all of it and turn it into implementable, actionable steps at home. That's why Jill created the Let's Talk Speech Coaching App. It's designed to do that tough work for you, so that you can spend your valuable time growing with your child.
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An app with a purpose

We know how much it matters to foster language development where your child spends the most time: at home, with you. We also know that language is complex. We're here to teach you how to take all of the information we know, and turn it into actionable steps to help your child grow.